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The Inner Discovery of Sacred Processes

Medical Intuition Practice & More




We want to take a moment to welcome you to Sacred Processes, the Inner Discovery of Yourself.

We are excited that you have taken the time to visit us here today and

Thank You for becoming a new client.

Our mission is to create an energetic pathways for you to discover your inner sacred process of healing yourself while activating Your Inner Healer. We are here to support you and your

Body Mind & Soul with various attunements and techniques that are based on

Albert Einstein's original vibrational research.

As Medical Intuitive Practitioners our goal is for you to have an excellent experience during and after our quantum healing sessions and enjoy a well balanced mind and body connection.

Many blessings,  Virginia & Nici

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During a vibrational and quantum healing session both

Virginia and Nici work with the subtle energy systems to

create balance and clarity within the body, which also 

supports the immune system and nervous system.

As a Life Coach Nici supports her clients by helping them in setting SMART goals to achieve life balance.

With Virginia's Native American Heritage of South America, Easter Island, she helps individuals to transition into the afterlife with End-Of-Life Care.

Both, Nici and Virginia provide a spiritual home cleansing and blessing to remove all low vibrational energies to promote comfort & peace of mind for their clients.

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